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Experience the Marvel of Walking on Water with Trade Inflatables' Extraordinary Waterwalking Balls

Step into a world of wonder with Trade Inflatables' innovative Waterwalking Balls, also known as waterwalking zorbs and waterwalking bubbles. These incredible spheres have captured the imagination of people worldwide, offering a unique and exhilarating experience that combines fitness with pure, unbridled fun.

Unveiling the Wonders of Waterwalking

Key Features of Trade Inflatables' Waterwalking Balls:


Personalize your waterwalking balls with your own branding:

We can print your waterwalking Zorbs with anything from branding to messages and pictures

  1. Three Standard Diameters: Choose from three standard sizes – 1m, 1.5m, and 2m – allowing individuals of all ages to enjoy the excitement of walking on water. The perfect blend of safety and thrill, these diameters cater to various preferences and spaces. Althouth we are able to manufacture these in any size (No limit).


  3. Five Standard Colors: Personalize your waterwalking adventure with a spectrum of vibrant colors – Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Clear. Althouth we are able to manufacture these in most other colours. Make a splash and stand out with a mix of your favorite hues, creating a visually stunning experience.


The Tzip Technology Advantage

The magic behind our Waterwalking Balls lies in the revolutionary Tzip technology. Originally developed for deep-sea diving, the Tzip creates a flexible, watertight seal, unlocking the potential for an exhilarating waterwalking experience. This innovation has transformed waterwalking into a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.

Unleashing the Full Potential

Initially designed as a serious workout for adult fitness, water walking found a new dimension once kids embraced its joyous potential. The Tzip's flexibility turned it into the most entertaining and fun invention since the bouncing castle. Water walking is not just an activity; it's a source of endless amusement, making it great fun to participate in and equally entertaining to watch.

Why Water Walking?

  • Serious Workout for Adults: Engage in a unique and effective exercise routine that offers both fitness benefits and an immersive experience.

  • Endless Fun for Kids: Waterwalking has become a go-to source of joy for kids, unlocking its full potential as the most exciting invention since the bouncing castle.

  • Entertainment for All: Whether you're actively participating or simply enjoying the spectacle, water walking captivates audiences of all ages.

Join the Fun Revolution

At Trade Inflatables, we invite you to join the revolution of fun and fitness with our amazing Waterwalking Balls. Explore the three standard diameters, choose from an array of vibrant colors, and experience the marvel of walking on water. Contact us today to bring the excitement of water walking to your events and create memories that last a lifetime.


We only us the very best materials and periferals welded and stitch by our own seasoned experts. Which allows us to guarantee all of our Zorbs against manufacture and material faults for the liftime of the product.


We can make waterwalking barriers to any size (No limit). 

We can even incorperate bouncy castles and slides.

We also make pools any size or shape. 


Water rollers can be made any size.

Water Rollers and Water Zorbs are great fun in any large body of water, 

Swimming pools, rivers and open water such as lakes or even the sea.

We are the only supplier that also have franchisees who operate many sites, we have designed out made inherent problems that our customers have experianced over the years so we can genuinely say that our balls will give much better service than any other in the world. 


We only sell top qualitycommercial grade balls deisigned and manufactered by us. We only use German made TZips (Not dangerous Chinese copies) 


If we do not have your specific items in stock we can have your order manfactured and delivered to you worldwide within 10 working days.


Our prices include world wide delivery.


We offer finance.



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All our products comply with strict UK, EU, AU & US Government and industry standards. 

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