Air Platforms & Docks

Inflatated in seconds, before you leave or when you get there, Air Platforms and Docks can be used to hang out or party on your own private island and are fast becoming the go to product for extending the deck area of your boat


Our Air Platforms and Docks are amongst the very best in the world and can be made in any size, shape or colour. We can even brand them to match your boat or business. 


Please Call our expert Brian

on 01803 528888

to discuss your requirement and get our absolute best prices.

Yacht or Boat Dock


Boat and Yacht docks can be made any shape or size to accommodate all of your friends and their toys.



Floating Pool

Floating swimming Pools


Are the latest big fun ocean party toy.

These can be stand alone or attached to your boat. Made any size with as much area around the edges as you wish.


Floating Island platform

Your own private island.


Floating Island platforms are fast becoming the norm for people who want privacy on lakes and in sheltered bays.

These can be stand alone or attached to your boat and can be made any size or shape.

SUP Island 

SUP island.


Floating Island platforms, used for instruction, training and Yoga Etc.

These can be stand alone to attach your SUP boards. These can be made any colour, size or shape. We can also make your own branded SUP boards

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