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Hit the Bullseye of Fun with Trade Inflatables' Premium Giant Velcro Dartboard

Welcome to the epicenter of entertainment – Trade Inflatables, where we proudly manufacture the best quality Giant Velcro Dartboard, known by various names such as Football Darts or Footy Darts. Whatever you call it, one thing is for certain – it's the fastest-growing inflatable game on the planet right now!

The Ultimate Experience in Giant Velcro Dartboard Fun:

1. Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship:

  • Step into a world where quality meets fun. Our Giant Velcro Dartboard is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience that stands out from the rest.

2. Versatile Names, One Incredible Game:

  • Whether you call it Giant Velcro Dartboard, Football Darts, or Footy Darts, the essence remains the same – an exhilarating and innovative inflatable game that's capturing hearts worldwide.

3. Fastest Growing Inflatable Game:

  • Join the global phenomenon! Our Giant Velcro Dartboard is not just a game; it's a sensation. Experience the thrill that has made it the fastest-growing inflatable game on the planet.

Why Choose Trade Inflatables?

  • Premium Gaming Experience: Our commitment to quality ensures that every round of Giant Velcro Dartboard, Football Darts, or Footy Darts is an unparalleled gaming experience.

  • Endless Fun and Versatility: Whether you're organizing events, parties, or team-building activities, our inflatable game offers endless possibilities for fun and entertainment.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: In a world filled with entertainment options, our Giant Velcro Dartboard stands out as a unique and captivating activity, making your event memorable.

Bring the Hottest Inflatable Game to Your Events

Trade Inflatables invites you to be a part of the excitement. Elevate your events with the hottest inflatable game – Giant Velcro Dartboard, Football Darts, or Footy Darts. Whether you're a business looking to draw crowds or an event planner aiming for that wow factor, our inflatable game is the perfect choice.

Contact us today to make Giant Velcro Dartboard the centerpiece of your next event and discover why it's the fastest-growing inflatable game on the planet!

Dartboards can be made air blown or sealed (inflate once) in any size,shape or colour, with or without your LOGO printed free of charge.

Below are our most popular designs

Most Popular 4m Medium size

Sealed Design

Extra Large Stand Alone

Large          Stand Alone

Large        Double Sided

Small PVC/Tarpaulin

Commercial Grade

With external blower



Small Nylon

Light weight

With intergrated fan



Other Games


Target golf


We also sell accesories

Velcro Darts

Velcro Tennis

Velcro Footballs

Velcro Golf balls

As Used by Celebraties

Please (Click) Picture below to veiw a VIDEO of Formla 1 World Chapion LEWIS HAMILTON using one of of our dartboards made to a bespoke design by Kick-a-Bull at the British Grand Prix 2018



Football Darts the game is the fastest growing business inflatable in the word right now.

If you need something different to enable you to to get onto the best pitches then our Giant Inflatable Dartboards is the one for you.


You can double your investment at just one event.

 Please call us  so we can explain how. 


Bespoke 10m Golf/Roulet Board made for a Charity event at Resortwold at the NEC

We are very experienced manufacturers but we don't leave it at that. It is also our job to help you start up and run this lucrative business. 

Should you require it, we can pass on lots more information to youincluding H&S risk assessment, PL & EL insurance, finance Advertising and promotion.




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