Explore the Cosmos in Comfort with Trade Inflatables' Stargazer Bubble Tents

Welcome to a celestial escape with Trade Inflatables' specially designed Stargazer Bubble Tents. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the night sky while enjoying the comfort and innovation of our meticulously crafted inflatable tents. Designed for stargazers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, our bubble tents offer a unique and unforgettable experience under the stars.

Key Features of Trade Inflatables' Stargazer Bubble Tents:

1. Stellar Design for Starry Nights:

  • Our Stargazer Bubble Tents are crafted with precision and care, using high-quality .9m commercial-grade PVC material. The transparent design allows for an uninterrupted view of the night sky, providing a magical experience for stargazing enthusiasts.

2. Double Air Lock Entrances for Convenience:

  • We understand the importance of uninterrupted stargazing experiences. Our bubble tents feature one or two double air lock entrances, ensuring that the main tent remains inflated even during entry and exit. This design guarantees a hassle-free transition without compromising the integrity of the tent.

3. Commercial-Grade Durability:

  • Manufactured with commercial-grade PVC, our Stargazer Bubble Tents are built to withstand various weather conditions. Enjoy the outdoors with confidence, knowing that your bubble tent is designed for durability and long-lasting performance.

4. Versatile Stargazing Experience:

  • Whether you're planning a romantic evening under the stars, a solo stargazing adventure, or a unique outdoor event, our bubble tents provide a versatile and comfortable space. Create magical memories with a 360-degree view of the night sky.

Why Choose Trade Inflatables' Stargazer Bubble Tents?

  • Innovation in Design: Our bubble tents are designed with innovation in mind, providing a unique and comfortable space for stargazing enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

  • Quality Materials: Crafted from .9m commercial-grade PVC, our tents ensure durability and resilience, making them suitable for a range of outdoor environments.

  • Convenience and Comfort: The double air lock entrances enhance convenience while maintaining the comfort of the stargazing experience. Enjoy seamless transitions without compromising the beauty of the night sky.

Experience the magic of the cosmos with Trade Inflatables' Stargazer Bubble Tents. Whether for personal enjoyment, romantic getaways, or outdoor events, our bubble tents offer a one-of-a-kind stargazing adventure. Contact us today to bring the celestial beauty to your outdoor experiences.


We only us the very best materials and peripherals welded and stitch by our own seasoned experts and manufactured to BS EN 14960This allows us to be the only UK supplier to guarantee all of our products against manufacture and material faults for life.  BEWARE OF CHEAP COPIES direct from China as they may not last in a commercial situation and could be illeagle in the UK resulting in you opperation being closed down by the local authority H&S inspectors.


Please also beware when pricing around that there are companies who have UK copyright and/or patents on a specific designs and they do wield them like a sword. These companies can and do have product destroyed if it infringes thier rights. We guarantee that our products do not infringe any anyone else’s patent or copyright.


As you can see from the pictures below, our twin entrance bubble tents have been specially designed to be linked togther to great a great out door living space.


We can supply Bubble tents for display, work space or camping  

Any size, with multi entrances which can be linked.

We have many other styles or we can make your idea bespoke for you.

No Power. No Problem

Please see our sealed Bubble tents

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