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I’ll be honest I was just going to pick your brains then buy in China but after getting all the help from Brian I couldn’t do it.

After seeing the amount of abuse that my Zorbs get I am so glad that I bought from you guys. Cheers

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Peter Guy The Zorb Guy.

I am very pleased with your service and advice, after I made a massively expensive mistake buying from China as they only last 6 weeks before they were all useless. Brian helped me patch up what I had so that I could make enough money to buy a new set. What a difference now. Thank you very much.

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Mrs J Honour

I had no idea about this or any other business, just that I wanted to do bubble football. Brian didn’t only point me in the right direction before I bought but also has been helping me with H&S and marketing ever since.

What a good fellow Thank you.

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Bradford Bubble Football


You lot know your stuff. Great package,  great prices and loads of help. Still not used my life time guarantee. Unbelievable condidering the hammering they get. You’re the best.

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Bella Whale

Great Outdoor Events.



Thank you for my new waterwalking set. We are now making good money because we are not spending all our time patching up our old balls.

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Martin Love

Love surfing Ltd

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