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We only us the very best materials PVC, TPU and PVC/Tarpaulin

We scource only the best UK and German supplier for periferals such zips and anchor points welded and stitch by our own seasoned  experts.

This allows us to guarantee all of our Zorbs against manufacture and material faults for the liftime of the product.


Bubble Football also known as ZORB FOOTBALL

As used by top premier league football clubs

Is taking the world by storm

Our Body Bouncers are used by professionals the world over to entertain, Boys, Girls, Men, Women and Children .


See Bubble Soccer with Colin Farrell, Chris Pratt and Frank Knuckles below:

 Ours is the WORLDS TOUGHEST PRODUCT see why below:

Please note that body bouncers were originally designed for young children to bounce around in! Our product has been specially designed for the rigors of Bubble football. They are not the regular body Zorbs that are promoted in the mass market which are fine for playing and bouncing around but will not last  and could be very dangerous when used by full grown men in a competitive situation. 

Please beware when pricing around that there are companies who have UK copyright and/or patents on a specific designs and they do wield them like a sword. These companies can and do have product destroyed if it infringes thier rights. We guarantee that our products do not infringe any anyone else’s patent or copyright.

We can supply individual suits or complete sets including pumps, repair kits, giant balls,  inflatable goals and pitches. 

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Inflatable Pitches and Barriers. 

Any size, height or design with or without goals.

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Inflatable Goals made any size (Click below)

World Class Product

at the

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We have many hundreds of customers for Bubble Football with whom we are in regular contact, so when you buy from us, you are buying products specially designed by us with lots of feedback from the end user. We have designed out all the problems that occur when used by less than careful staff at busy sites.

  • We only use best quality product including highest grade materials by PLATO the worlds No1 manufacturer of PVC TPU and PVC/Tarpaulin also we only use genuine German TZips and not dangerous Chinese copies
  • We can help you set up and run your operation and provide 100% and constant back up, via phone or internet.
  • We can help you acquire sites.
  • We can help with marketing, promotion and Pricing.
  • We can help with maintenance and safety.
  • We can write your Health and Safety Risk Assessment.
  • We can train your staff in the best practice and maintenance of your quite fragile asset.
  • We can help you with your Public and Employee Liability Insurance

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